Aputure COB 300D Mark II

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  • 340 Watt Draw
  • 2K Equivalent Tungsten Output
  • Daylight
  • Bowensmount
  • V-Mount or AC-Power
  • Quiet fans

Comes with standard reflector, add ons available  Light dome II, Lantern, Fresnel X2 or Barn Doors

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Powered by user feedback, the new and improved 300d Mark II is 20% brighter, more durable, more portable, and more intelligent than the original 300d LED. Change the way you light using the Sidius Link Bluetooth and Wifi app gives you more control and the built-in FX features are hopefully more useful then just a gimmick. When combined with the Fresnel 2X, the 300d Mark II can produce up to 80,000 lux. And as always, the 5500K‐balanced 300d Mark II maintains impeccable color fidelity with CRI and TLCI ratings of 96+ and 97+ respectively.

The improvements include a single ballast which will allow the light to go to 50% with just one Vlock battery being used – there are still 2 x Vlock ports on the ballast – one is marked in red and can be used on its own if needed. We have tested this with our 150w Vlock batteries and all seems good but Aputure still say you need 340-350W (15A) available for this solution. You also get a better way of attaching the ballast to your light stand with a heavy-duty cord hanger as well as a c-stand clamp and lock system that works very well. There is no fan in the ballast either so no extra noise. They have changed the cabling to locking power cables too which take a few mins to get your head around how they work, but all feel very nice.

Stepless dimming to zero:

Brightness now goes down to zero – yes 0% so this light can be your brightest and your lowest. This is also step less dimming control from the unit or from the remote / app and can you utilize any of 4 different dimming curves: Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, and S‐Curve.

Wireless control is now via Wifi and /or Bluetooth – you can turn these on/off on the switches – use the Sidus Link utility app for controlling the light remotely. The light also has DMX control with DMX pass through and a ‘Studio Mode’ that lets the lights come on instantly for DMX control.

Cool Lighting Effects built-in:

The control box of the 300d Mark II features 8 built‐in lighting FX: “Paparazzi”, “Fireworks”, “Lightning”, “Fault Bulb”, “TV”, “Pulsing”, “Strobe”, and “Explosion”, with more coming in future firmware updates via the control boxes USB interface. The control box also features a new “trigger” button to activate lighting FX instantly. There was talk of Candlelight and new ones coming in the future through firmware so we will update if/when available.

55 degree Hyper reflector:

The 300d Mark II features the all-new, hyper efficient 55° reflector. By slightly narrowing the beam from 60° to 55° and redesigning the inner shape and coating of the reflector, they have increase the output of the 300d II by more than 3 times, when compared to the original design.


  • Operation Current: 3.5A
  • Power Consumption: 350W Max
  • Power supply: AC 100~240V
  • TLCI: >97
  • CQS: >95
  • CRI: >96
  • Colour Temperature: 5500K
  • Radio Frequency 2.4GHz
  • Channels: 1/2/3
  • remote ability: >100m
  • Battery operating voltage range: 12v-16.8v
  • App control type: Bluetooth 5.0


Distance 1m 3m 5m
Light only (No Modifier) 11000 1300 550
Light with reflector 45000 3500 1200
Light with Fresnes 2X (Max Flood) 38000 5000 1900
Light with Fresnes 2X (Max Spot) 80000 9500 3500

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